What is Expo 2020 All About?

Date Posted: 16 Jul, 2019 By: Admin

Dubai is all set to host Expo 2020 on the 20th of October 2020. But what is it all about? Well, we’re here to explain.

The greatest innovators and thinkers of our time come together to foster innovation and technological advancements at the World Expo, which is held once every five years and lasts for about six months. Many of the greatest inventions, like the telegraph, diesel engine, colour TV, and IMAX films were unveiled at Expos.

The world fair is overseen by the Bureau International des Expositions. Dubai won the bid to host the grand exposition by a landslide majority, sweeping a total of 116 votes from among the 164 member nations who voted. To put it into perspective, Yekaterinburg, Russia received only 47 votes.

The Expo will be hosted at Dubai South, near Al Maktoum International Airport, where connectivity should be no issue for visitors with the Dubai Metro Route 2020 carrying 46,000 passengers to and from the site in just 16 minutes, from the Dubai Marina. Hosting the world fair will create 277,000 jobs and inject a whopping $40 billion into the UAE economy.

The main theme of the Expo, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” is apt and in line with what visitors can expect from the Expo. Each of the 132 participating nations will have their own pavilion, where they will be showcasing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to the most pressing issues of our time.

The event will also have pavilions dedicated to the sub-themes of sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

Several countries such as Luxembourg and New Zealand have unveiled their plans for their pavilion at Expo 2020. New Zealand’s will tell a tale of the deep-rooted connection between the land and its people – Kaitiakitanga.

Each pavilion will feature designated areas for exhibits and restaurants. The event will put Dubai and consequently, UAE, on the map as a prominent world power. Furthermore, the global fair will expose Dubai to many potential investors from around the world.

The event is sure to boost the UAE’s economy and thus push Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s vision of furthering innovative thought forward. It will also greatly benefit the global community by providing solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems. Expo 2020 will thus surely be a landmark in the UAE’s developmental timeline.