Top Tips To Enhance The Brightness Of A Windowless Room!

Date Posted: 10 Jul, 2019 By: Admin

The fact that lighting is an important aspect of any home interior design cannot be emphasized enough. This is all the more relevant for the spaces that lack an abundance of natural light. Irrespective of whether you live in a compact apartment or a big house, having space with little or no natural light can be gloomy, to say the least.

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to brighten up your rather dark rooms, here are the top 6 ideas that allow you to bring in more light and thus maximize the effect of what you already have.

  • Choose the color of the wall wisely

You might be convinced with the idea that light colours help a small room look bigger, but they aren’t necessarily best when it comes to making a dark room brighter. In a room devoid of sufficient light, white and other light colours serve no real purpose as there isn’t enough light for them to reflect and make the room look brighter. Colour management, therefore, is an essential aspect to consider when you want to make your place look well-lit and bright.

  • Hang plenty of mirrors

Adding mirrors is an excellent way to dramatically improve the lighting conditions in any dark room. In a room with little to no natural light, a mirror helps to reflect whatever amount of light there is, adding shine & vibrancy to space/room. Make sure to hang the mirror across from the window (if there is one!), so as to allow the natural light to further enhance your space.

  • Add metallics to interiors

When it comes to truly transforming a dark and gloomy living space into a bright and lively one, incorporating metallics such as shimmery silver or gold accessories is an excellent idea. Think about adding simple pieces to your interiors such as metallic artworks, mirrors, decorative items, or a light fixture that helps in reflecting light and making your room look brighter, and your design scheme more luxurious.

  • Use lighter curtains

A room that is already short on light is better off without heavy curtains and draperies that block out whatever little natural light there is left. To make your room look brighter, stick with light-colored curtains and window coverings that will help you add some sort of contrast against the strong walls.

  • Pick up the right art pieces

Filling your room with beautiful pieces of art not only improves the overall ambiance of the place but also brightens and enhances the glow completely. Some of these lighting pieces include lanterns and wall sconces that can lend an ambient lighting effect to the room and allow you to brighten up the overall space as well.

  • Opt for glass ceiling instead of matte

Choosing the right paint finish plays an important role when transforming a dark room. Make sure to go for gloss finish ceilings rather than matte ones as it allows light to appropriately bounce off the surface, which opens up the room and makes it look bright and big.