Must Visit Restaurants in Dubai

Date Posted: 06 Aug, 2019 By: Admin

Vibrant, futuristic, and multicultural. These are just a few of the synonyms for the Emirati city, Dubai. It is home to over 200 nationalities and thus specializes in a large variety of cuisines. Dubai should be at the top of your list if you are a foodie. Not only is the food here to die for, but also the decor, views, and the overall experience is breathtakingly out of this world. While the Emirati food is scrumptious, you will be spoiled for choices here in Dubai. Lucky for you, this article comprises of some of the finest restaurants that you should not miss out while visiting Dubai.

Maharaja Bhog: A Royal Experience

If you are a pure vegetarian and in doubt, fear no more. Dubai has some great pure vegetarian restaurants. Maharaja Bhog tops the list. It offers a pure vegetarian experience like no other. With warm hospitality, exquisite art displays, and beautiful gold-based interiors, you ought to be prepared to be treated like a Royal. While the delicious food satiates your hunger, the service is sure to fill your heart with joy. The meal usually begins with hands being washed at the table. The food is presented on a traditional platter called “thali“. Every day, a unique pure vegetarian Rajasthani menu is served. Refreshing complimentary drinks made from Saffron and Sandalwood powder, or yogurt, and herbs are served at the beginning of the meal; while the Royal experience ends with Indian desserts being served. Given their quantity, it is advisable to go to the Maharaja Bhog with an empty stomach.

Doors Freestyle Grill

Doors Freestyle Grill is known for its alluring range of traditional Arabic food served with a modern twist. They are known for their premium-cut meats, luscious seafood, fresh pomegranate salad, and titillating desserts. They are also popular for sourcing their ingredients from different parts of the world in order to serve the best food to their guests. Doors Freestyle Grill not only offers impeccable hospitality but their beautifully designed interiors, their overall culinary theatrics and flavorsome food will leave you satiated.

They have a VVIP Private Majlis, a Mixology Lab, a Sheesha Lounge, and an Outdoor Terrace seating to ensure you have a perfect time.

Sultan Baba Iskender

Sultan Baba Iskender’s kebabs are prepared using traditional methods of cooking infused with their original recipe, wafting aromas, and are untouched by modernization. The ambiance at Sultan Baba Iskender reminiscences mid 18th century Turkey and the restaurant displays a collection of original artifacts from Turkey. It is known for its wide grill menu, which boasts over 30 varieties of kebabs. It is a good place for a get-together with something for everyone.