Here’s How Dubai Landlords Can Decorate For Success

Date Posted: 15 Oct, 2018 By: Admin

These top tips from The Big Fitout will save you time and money on the renovation of your rented property in Dubai!

When you’re leasing your Dubai properties out, you want to attract the best renters at a minimal cost. And interior design plays a big part in that.

You need to appeal to what individuals and families will want in a home, but you don’t want to pay for upgrades that will cost you more money and headaches than they’re worth. To do this, you’ll need to choose trendy-looking interior design options that are also affordable.

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Before you dive head-first into an endless home-improvement project, have a look at these top tips from The Big Fitout, a Dubai-based, British, design-and-build fitout company. The Big Fitout specialises in bathroom and kitchen renovations and has an amazing portfolio of work on residential villas (as the pictures here show). As a result, the team really know their stuff, so it’s worth taking their advice on board before jumping in at the deep end.

Let’s get to it.

Maximise Storage

Renters are always concerned about storage space. Having enough storage becomes even more of a concern with smaller rental properties. So you’ll want to do everything possible to make your interior appear like it contains sufficient storage options.

Kitchen Cabinets: You’ll want to make sure that enough storage exists in the kitchen, even when the area has limited square footage. To do this, install cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling. This option will draw attention upward, which will make the room feel higher and the kitchen will appear more spacious. You’ll also gain a lot of extra storage space that renters will appreciate. They can store things that they need but don’t use a lot on the higher shelves, and their more used items can go on the lower shelves.

Closets: To maximise storage in closets, install closet organisers. Such a feature will immediately impress any potential renters. With an organiser, you can store a lot more clothing because you don’t waste as much space. Always utilise every inch of room available. For closets that only have one shelf, with a lot of room between that shelf and the ceiling, consider installing one or two additional shelves. Even if the top tier is only accessible with a stool, most people will still appreciate the extra storage.

Bookcases: One great way to increase storage is to install one or more floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Such units add style and space to any property. When designed with a combination of open shelving as well as closed-door cabinetry, renters can store a variety of items in the bookcases. They can display reading material and knick-knacks on the open shelves while hiding files, software, tablets, household supplies, or anything else behind the closed doors.

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Chic and Durable Products

When deciding what types of products to include in a rental property – such as flooring, countertops, and lighting fixtures – you need to choose items that look great and are also durable. You want to appeal to renters’ tastes, but you shouldn’t have to be replacing or repairing things constantly.

Flooring: An excellent option for flooring is to use vinyl planks that look like real wood. Renters will love the look of wood and will consider it an upgrade from the raw tile that’s often seen in Dubai. Plus, vinyl planks are less expensive than tile or hardwood, and they’re pretty durable. Vinyl planks are also water resistant, which is a great feature and means that they can also be installed in kitchens and bathrooms to provide a seamless look for the interior. Vinyl planks come in a variety of colors to choose from, and you can select the quality that you want. The high-quality styles are more costly, but also more durable.

Countertops: For rental properties, especially mid-range rentals, laminate countertops are a good option. They’re less expensive and easy to install. Because renters may scoff at not getting a more expensive counter, choose a high-quality laminate that resembles marble or granite for the best look. You can also opt for ceramic tiles, which are easily replaceable when damaged. Choose a dark grout to hide dirt and stains, because light-colored grout is almost impossible to keep clean.

Lighting Fixtures: When choosing lights for your rental property, choose fixtures that are flush mounted to the ceiling where you can. This type of design is more durable, which means that it’s less likely to break and need replacing. In the dining area, you’ll want a chandelier or pendant lighting. Stay away from crystal or anything with dangles, which can be ripped off. Opt for something in wrought iron for a traditional look or a sleek-looking chrome fixture for a modern look.

Neutral Colours

Because you’ll want to appeal to the most substantial number of renters, you’ll want to stay with neutral paint, cabinet, and countertop colours. Renters are then free to add their favourite colours with furnishings and other decor items.

White: The safest and least expensive choice is always white. This colour fits in with any decor style, so it should appeal to everyone. Various shades of white exist, so you can choose one that has a creamy tone, something ultra bright, or even opt for an antique white. Use it on the walls, for your bathroom and kitchen cabinetry, and as the base colour for your countertops.

Beige: If you want to include something with a bit of colour, beige is an excellent choice. Beige tones will blend in well with vinyl plank flooring. Beige-toned cabinetry will add warmth to your kitchen and bathrooms. A mixture of beige tones will also look lovely for your countertops. Or, mix white and beige tones for a chic look. Stay with white walls and create a beige accent wall in the bedroom or living room. Also, white cabinets matched with beige countertops are a trendy-looking choice that renters will love.

Grey: Light and medium grey tones are a popular choice nowadays for renters. Consider very light grey for the walls and a darker grey for your countertops. You can even select vinyl planks with a grey tone for your flooring. Medium grey paint looks marvellous on an accent wall, such as in the dining area. White and grey paired together also produce a fabulous look such as light grey wall paint, white kitchen cabinets, and laminate counters that resemble marble in white with grey veining.

You can create a beautiful interior for your rental property without spending an excessive amount of money. By combining trendy looks with affordable materials, you’ll attract the best renters that will result in an excellent return for all of your efforts.

Ready for some home improvements? Renovate your home VAT-free with The Big Fitout! Just use discount code YALLA5 on enquiry!