Five Hotspots to Check out This Summer

Date Posted: 30 Jul, 2019 By: Admin

There’s no limit to the options of places to visit this summer. Here are five of the most rewarding destinations.

Whether you’re a backpacker or a well-heeled traveler, and whether you’re travelling with friends or family, you’re sure to find something in these places you’ll love.


The 50th American state and a tropical paradise, Hawaii is a group of islands with something for everyone. In Honolulu, there’s the famous Waikiki area with sun, sand and surf, as well as high-end stores, restaurants, and buzzing entertainment. Then, you can go snorkelling, explore volcanic craters, watch Polynesian dances and, as a special treat, go whale-watching at Papawai Point.

The Balkans

An essential part of central Europe, the Balkans are scenic, historic and magnificent. Here, you’ll find the snow-capped mountains of Bosnia, the tree-lined avenues of Belgrade, the lovely foliage of Zagreb, and the charming coastline of Montenegro. Be it Croatia, Serbia or elsewhere, the cities are full of architecture that are a reminder of empires that have ruled over this region. As well as plenty of cafes to sit and soak it all in.


Australia’s only island state and its smallest, Tasmania is where you’ll find beautiful landscapes, great food and wine, and haunting Aboriginal history. Much of Tasmania is reserved for national parks and world heritage wilderness. It’s great to drive around, to see the white sands and granite of the east coast and the alpine plateaus of Cradle Mountain. Don’t forget to check out the many food festivals and arts and music events.


Zanzibar is part of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, a ferry ride from Dar Es Salaam. Here, you can spend weeks just hopping from one wonderful beach to another. Among white sands, turquoise water and friendly people, you can go kite surfing, try the great local cuisine, watch dhows passing by, or bask in the sun. You can also visit local spice farms and get a taste of the different flavours of the island.


Changsha is the capital of China’s Hunan province, a large city with a great past. It’s known for its collection of excavated Western Han dynasty tombs and it is also associated with Mao Zedong, who studied and lived here. Saunter down the streets lined with magnolias, explore the Old City Walls, and absorb the bustle of this energetic metropolis with ancient temples and academies. A must-see is Juzi Island, where there’s a large sculpture of the head of Mao Zedong.