Day In The Life of a Real Estate Agent Living in the UAE

Date Posted: 07 Aug, 2019 By: Admin

One of the most lucrative careers in the UAE for individuals is that of a real estate agent. Agents and brokers play a pivotal role in brokering millions of transactions, with architects designing world-class structures and developers working on multiple projects, back to back. However, being a real estate agent in the UAE is not child’s play.

You need to be passionate about your job, extremely committed, and hard-working if you wish to make a niche for yourself in the emerging property market of the Emirates. The biggest advantage that attracts people towards this profession in the Middle East is the luxurious lifestyle that it promises and the tax-free earnings. These two very obvious factors are diverting more and more aspirants to this field.

Everyday duties of Real Estate Agents in the UAE

It’s very difficult to live in someone else’s shoes even for a single day, but here we will try to explore the various aspects in the life of a real estate agent living in the UAE.

Every day brings with it new challenges for real estate agents, depending upon the changes in the needs of the buyers and sellers, which leads to shifting gears at the last minute. However, their daily activities can be summed under as follows:

  • Real estate agents help people buy, sell, and rent land and properties, and this makes for the first and foremost routine work for them every day when they step into their office.
  • Their job entails both income-producing work and administrative paperwork. And both of these need to be fulfilled every day.
  • In order to keep up with the latest demands of their clients, they need to study the altering market trends and regulations on a daily basis.
  • This means they need to devote enough time to their real state office, meet clients, and even show them the properties and sites as per their specifications. Hence, their job demands a lot of travel as well.
  • Apart from this, real estate agents in the UAE, or any other part of the world, perform other functions as well, as a part of their daily work regime, like lead generation, marketing, researching, and managing property closures too.

The right attitude for Real Estate agents to implement every day in their working environment

  • The first and foremost thing required to become a successful real estate agent in the UAE, or anywhere else in the world, is to have a strong mental state of mind and have the right positive attitude with the right perspective. And to be able to maintain a level head in the face of multiple challenging situations every day.
  • Another important aspect when it comes to excelling as an agent for properties in the UAE is to have the zeal to learn. The best way to do so is to watch, observe, and learn from existing agents. So, make the most out of practical learning and experience from your day to day working as a real estate agent in the UAE.
  • The profession of a real estate agent is considered and looked upon with a lot of wariness; however, the only medicine for this is to be fully committed and keep going with positivity and complete dedication.
  • Real estate agents struggle everyday to showcase their expertise through their everyday learning. So make every day a new day to learn and explore new facts and figures related to the current trends in the real estate market in the UAE.