Al Azra
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Al Azra is a residential community in the emirate of Sharjah located near its border with Ajman. The community is positioned away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is, however, near the periphery of the city which does not disconnect it from the fast-paced areas of the emirate. Al Azra is a family-oriented community, containing a range of luxurious villas and many different facilities.


In terms of public transport, the residents can make use of Bus E400 which passes through the community. In general, transport is not easily available so most of the residents prefer to use their own vehicles.


For household essentials and groceries, there are a few supermarkets near the community. Found in the neighboring community of Al Ghafia, Al Doha Supermarket and Rashma Supermarket are both only 5 minutes away. There are several smaller grocery stores located in different spots around the area as well.

Places of Worship

There are a few mosques in Al Azra such as Abdulrahman Ibn Abu Bakr Mosque, Utba Ibn Abu Sufyan Mosque, Sofyan Ibn Oyaynah Mosque, and others. Christians as well do not have to travel far as there is a cluster of churches nearby in Al Yarmook including St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Russian Orthodox Church, St. Martin Anglican Church, and several other churches.


There are several clinics to which the residents have easy access. Offering various medical specialties, The Garden Dermatology Clinic, National Center of Modern Medicine, Cosmolaser Medical Centre and Al Sarraf Medical Clinic are 4 to 10 minutes away. There are also many hospitals near Al Azra. Providing premium healthcare to its patients, Kuwait Hospital is only 8 minutes away from the community. The hospital has a wide range of services. Adhering to excellent standards, the hospital has state-of-the-art medical equipment.


If you’re looking for a family beach holiday or a tranquil getaway, Sharjah Beach is just the right spot. Situated only 12 minutes away, this beach is perfect to relax in peace while enjoying the crystal-clear ocean waves. Al Azra is also about 7 minutes from Cultural Square, which is also known as Book Roundabout. Established by Sharjah Municipality and designed by European sculptor Carlos Marinas Rubias, this landmark exhibits a 15-meter high sculpture of the Holy Quran. 5 to 10 minutes from the community, Al Ramtha Park attracts many people every day. The park is a great place for family picnics and has a few rides for the children. There are several malls near the neighborhood. Located a mere 6 minutes away, Al Shaab Village is a vibrant shopping mall with many unique offerings for the residents in Sharjah. The shopping destination of Matajer Al Quoz is only 8 minutes away from Al Azra. The community shopping center has 17 stores including some pharmacies, beauty stores, jewelry stores, electronic gadgets shops, and a Carrefour Hypermarket. The mall also has a few dining options for the shoppers to savor delicious food after their shopping sprees. Al Azra is a safe housing community. The area offers a modern lifestyle and aesthetically stunning villas. It is also home to many schools and other facilities. However, people who want accommodation amidst the bustling center of the emirate want to look for residence in other areas.