Al Awir
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Awir or Al Aweer might not be discussed much, but it is known for its wholesale vegetable and fruit market, Al Awir used to be known as the land of agriculture and camel breeding. Today though, due to Dubai’s booming real estate market, is known as one of the most affordable places to live in Dubai. This community is in very close proximity to Academic City, Dubai International City, and Dubai Silicon Oasis. It is 35km away from Downtown, this neighborhood has a unique community feeling to it. This means that one can definitely experience Dubai’s lifestyle here. Many people own a place here, in order to have a place to stay which is less crowded and yet very affordable to stay at while visiting Dubai. Because of this, studio flats have gained a lot of attention: you can get a new 433-square-feet furnished studio in Al Awir for about AED 30K if not less, per year.


Transportation-wise is best to use your own car to get around the town since finding parking spaces is never an issue. The only bus that stops in the area is 11A while the closest stations are Awir Masjid 01 (14 minutes away by walking), Awir Masjid 02 (15 minutes, and Awir Boys School 02 (15 minutes). You will find out that since Al Awir is still conserving traditions, there are not so much variety of supermarkets, malls or gyms. There is only one supermarket, while there are still plenty of traditional shops and markets.

Places of Worship

Muslims will be pleased to find many community mosques here such as Mosalla Al Eid, Al Awir Mosque, and Masjid Al Awir Al Kabeer. On the other hand, it’s not possible to find any churches, the nearest is Saint Mary’s Catholic Church and is 30 minutes away. For Hindus, the nearest temple is also about 30 minutes away on Al Fahidi Street.


The only hospital in this community is Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital so residents have to commute about 33 minutes for general healthcare.


For outdoor fun and recreation, there are some parks available like Al Naboodah Football Ground and Al Awir Second park. On the other hand, at Dubai Drums desert camp you can enjoy many events. There are desert rides accompanied by a drumming party. There, you can either learn or simply enjoy the event and its proceedings. Al Awir is away from the central region of Dubai. Therefore, it is mostly recommended for those looking for affordable furnished rentals instead of getting a costly room in hotels for a long period.