Aknan Villas
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Staying true to the meaning of the Arabic word “Aknanâ” which means shelter, Aknan Villas is an enclave of luxurious homes in AKOYA Oxygen. Generally referred to as AKOYA, the mother community is a project by the renowned estate developer, DAMAC Properties. Covering a surface area of 55-million sq. ft. of housing development, this community promotes a green ambiance and a health-positive environment. This neighborhood is part of an award-winning golf club development, Trump World Golf Club Dubai. The golf course was recognized as the Best Golf Course Development at the International Property Awards. This villa sub-community has 3-bedroom homes with private yards, beautiful aesthetics, and exceptional facilities. While the project isn’t fully completed, it is expected to be a major success. This is a quiet and calm neighborhood containing landscaped lawns, walkways, fountains, sprayers, and shooters. The covered areas vary from 1,696 sq. ft. to 1,800 sq. ft and the same for facilities. Each house comes with a covered parking area, a shared swimming pool, a private yard, and a terrace. If you put into account the abundance of available communal facilities, the covered area, and the amazing surroundings, the prices of properties would be considered somewhat low.


Transportation in the community or its parent community isn’t fully developed yet but those who want to use means of public transportation can board buses from some of the nearby stations. Relying on personal cars is recommended here as parking spaces here are enough for both visitors and residents.


For their shopping needs, residents can go to supermarkets nearby.

Places of Worship

There is a community mosque that provides calm and peaceful surroundings for worshippers. A chapel can also be found in the area, about 30 minutes from the community. Temples are harder to find as there are just a few options like the Shiva Temple and Shrinath Ji Temple, and both are about 45 minutes away.


AKOYA plans to establish schools and nurseries based on international curriculums but until that is done, some schools near Aknan Villas are available, such as Jebel Ali School.


Al Lisaili Health Center is the closest hospital and it is 23 minutes away. Anaya Medical Center is also very close. It provides a range of health care services in addition to the free medical camps that are held here.


Cityland Mall is currently being built. When completed, residents will be 20 minutes away from over 300 retail outlets and entertainment facilities, all available in the mall. The residents are in for a treat and will be able to enjoy fresh rainfall, a rich botanical environment and birds, in a tropical rainforest under development. Being a few minutes from Al Marmoom Heritage Village, Aknan Villas residents can catch up with one of the biggest annual events in Dubai. The village hosts Al Marmoom Heritage Festival every year in March or April.