Big And Small Home Improvements That Pay Off In Dubai

Date Posted: 10 Oct, 2018 By: Admin

These top tips from The Big Fitout will save you time and money on your bathroom renovation in Dubai


If you’re considering renovations for your Dubai home, you’ll want to invest in updates that will pay off now and in the future when you’re ready to sell your house.

Depending on how much money you have to spend, you can choose to do extensive renovations, small updates, or a combination of both.

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Before you dive head-first into an endless home-improvement project, have a look at these top tips from The Big Fitout, a Dubai-based, British, design-and-build fitout company. The Big Fitout specialises in bathroom and kitchen renovations, and has an amazing portfolio of work on residential villas (as the pictures here show). As a result, the team really know their stuff, so it’s worth taking their advice on board before jumping in at the deep end.


Let’s get to it.


Big home improvements that are worth the investment

Add a bathroom: If possible, invest in a small bathroom addition in your home. This upgrade will always pay off. You’ll have less arguing within your family over bathroom time with an additional room. Also, the more bathrooms you have, the easier it is when guests visit. When you sell your home, an unexpected extra bath will thrill homebuyers and put your house at the top of their list.

Add a wooden deck: Most people love a fabulous outside living space. Building a wooden deck onto the back of your house will give you a great area outdoors where you can spend time. The addition will provide a fantastic entertainment space during warm seasons, a place to relax and get away, and it will also add a grand aesthetic appeal to your home. You’ll increase your and your family’s enjoyment while also increasing the value of your property.

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Small home improvements that are worth the investment


Frameless shower: Nothing makes a bathroom look clean, modern, and open more than a frameless shower. If you do nothing else in your bathroom, this upgrade will pay off for you in the future. A significant amount of the day for most people involves spending time in the bathroom. Having a chic-looking bathing area will make you feel less stressed and more at ease in your space. When you sell your home, you also won’t have to worry about what type of frame finish and style a buyer might want. Without a frame, this kind of shower will appeal to everyone.

Organise closets and cabinets: Organisation is the key to keeping any home looking neat and clean. When you have organisation systems installed in your closets and some of your cabinets, you can find things a lot easier. Your items also appear tidy and fresh at all times. You can store more stuff in the same space when you have a built-in system in place. Homebuyers will marvel at any closet that contains an organization unit for clothing. Cabinet organisation in the kitchen is also a high priority for many, so it’s worth the investment to add these systems to your home.

Replace doors: The two most essential doors in your home are your front door and your garage door. These doors add to the curb appeal of your house. They also provide security for you and your family. So you want the front door and the garage door to look new and stylish while also being strong and durable. When you sell your home, homebuyers will immediately appreciate the updated entries and will feel confident about how well you’ve kept up your property.

Making smart and cost-effective improvements to your home is an essential step for any homeowner. Renovations and updates, once complete, make your property a better and more valuable place to live for you and also for anyone who might purchase your house in the future.


Ready for some home improvements? Renovate your home VAT-free with The Big Fitout! Just use discount code YALLA5 on enquiry!