Best Hotel Apartments in UAE For Short Term Rental

Date Posted: 01 Sep, 2019 By: Admin

Not all of us prefer a commercial hotel premises when it comes to putting up in a different country, for work or leisure, for more than a month but less than 6 months or a year. These short term stays can best be enjoyed in the comforts of hotel apartments that not even work out to be cheaper on the pocket, but also offer the comforts of a well-furnished home. There come equipped with a kitchenette where you can prepare your own meals and even expect luxury services which includes housekeeping too.

These fully stacked apartments work out 30% to 50% less than a hotel, are pet friendly and can be booked directly without having to pay for a broker or depositing any security for them.

Some of the best hotel apartments in UAE for short term rentals are:

  • Emirates Star Hotel Apartments- Located at a distance of just 4.7 km from Dubai airport in Al Qusais, this hotel apartment offers spacious master bedrooms, state-of-the-art in-room facilities, fully equipped kitchen, complimentary high-speed wi-fi, and above all, comforts and pleasures of a heated swimming pool and professional gymnasium. The location, too, is very central, with shopping malls and Indian restaurants, all dotted within a radius of a kilometre from this property.


  • Tamani Ramina Hotel Apartments- Located right in the heart of the commercial business hub of Dubai, this 5-star hotel apartment makes for a perfect choice when you need to hire a place for short term business training projects  or a long vacation with your family. Providing space and leverage to feel the comforts of a home, away from home, the Tamani Ramina hotel apartments let you create memorable and unique memories in the beautiful country of UAE.


  • Two Seasons Hotel Apartments- For long staying guests on business or leisure trips, the Two Seasons hotel apartment in Dubai works wonderfully, providing convenient proximity to important business addresses, key leisure destinations and popular social hubs as well. This property recreates a perfect home environment and makes you feel cocooned and safe within its dimensions. Offering luxurious rooms, state-of-the-art amenities and a perfect backdrop for a memorable stay, you would never regret having picked this one up for your stay in UAE.


  • Marina View Hotel Apartment- Surrounded by glistening skyscrapers right in the heart of Dubai, the Marina View hotel apartment offers a warm homely welcome clubbed with a sophisticated style of living and a unique home-stay experience to travellers on a prolonged business or leisure stay with family and friends. The generous hospitality, highest standards of comfort and unparalleled safety that the property renders to its guests makes it unique in its own way. Stacked with all luxurious amenities to make life worth enjoying, a stay in this 4-star hotel apartment in UAE would build unforgettable memories for you to be cherished for a lifetime.