A Step-by- step Guide to Constructing a Building

Date Posted: 18 Sep, 2019 By: Admin

It’s every person’s dream to construct a building according to their vision. One that can capture the attention of those walking by as well as serve any variety of purposes, from acting as a residential building for your family and maybe your choice of tenants, to being an office space that accommodates different companies and businesses. However, before embarking on a building project, one needs to have a good idea of how the construction process is planned and executed.

  • Earth Work and Excavation

The first step to construction is preparing the land for the project. The soil needs to be excavated, and the planned foundation mapped out according to the project plan, with special attention paid to length and width. The foundation goes deep into the earth, so this process typically takes a lot of time.

  • Laying the Foundation

After the earthwork is done, it’s time to lay the foundation of the building. As the term itself implies, this is one of the most important steps in the construction process. The foundation needs to be leveled according to the plan and cement poured in the prescribed ratio, which is usually 1:4:8- which is cement: sand: coarse material.

  • Masonry

With the foundation laid, the work begins on the bricks and mortar that will eventually become a building. Masonry involves laying down the bricks, wood or any other material that is being used to build the house. Usually, workers start with the pillars, which are as important as the foundation, and then fill the space between them as per the project plan.

  • Roofing

Roofing is the next step of the construction process. For multi-storied buildings, the roof for each individual floor is built as the workers progress upwards. This involves creating a strong and stable platform using the pillars that have been built. For the top floor, roofing takes on a whole new aspect, as people have different ideas in mind, some want a simple roof, while some prefer tiles, steelwork or other designs.

  • Plastering

Now that the skeletal framework has been made, it’s time to reinforce it with plaster, which is a mixture of sand and cement similar to the concrete used for construction work. All the walls of the building are plastered to make them strong and durable.

  • Doors and Windows

After the concrete work is done, the next step is to install doors and windows in the pre-planned places that will serve as entry, exit and viewpoints for the building. The top materials used for doors and windows are wood and aluminum.

  • Electrical, Gas, Plumbing and other Services

Now the building is almost done, the final step is to make it liveable. This requires the installation of electrical, gas and plumbing lines which are necessary to live in comfort. One can also install internal heating lines if they are in a cold region.

Well, there you have it! We hope this gives you a good idea of the steps involved in the construction of a building. So if you’re looking to build your dream building in UAE, you know what goes into the whole process.